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Mate 10 pro vs iphone x
iphone x specs
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Huawei Mate 10 Pro – a good rival for iPhone X

Huawei claims Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro is better than iphone X. Listen to them and decide which one is better.

Mate 10 Pro offers Leica dual camera, 18:9 OLED 6.0″ screen as well as lightning-speed processor and [...]
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What makes iPhone X unique?

iPhone X is coming as the most expensive iPhone, but it also comes with a number of new features that you can not get on other iPhones.

iPhone X is planned to be the best selling iPhone to date, and it [...]
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Note-7 problems to be solved this year

Samsung hopes shortly to clarify why the batteries in the Galaxy Note 7 have tended to overheat and in some cases explode.

Not all units have the same  problems, but Samsung is working hard to find the reason for [...]

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Galaxy Note 7 owners tend to stay with Samsung

A survey shows that 70 percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners will stay loyal to Samsung phones.

There have been rumors that Samsung would drop the Note series completely after the disaster with Note 7.

The latest [...]

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Galaxy Note-7 fires to be explained soon

Samsung will explain the cause of all the Galaxy Note 7 scandal in details before the end of year


Samsung has been quiet for long after the [...]

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How to change iphone name

When you first open and activate your iPhone, you need to determine for an iphone name. Don’t worry it doesnt need to be stay same in the future.  You can easily change the iphone name later whenever you want. See how you can do it [...]
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Best Mobile Phones for Kids

We often hear about some parents buy expensive iPhones for their children. It is really bearing some serious risks like dropping it to the hard floor which will come out with a fine cobweb across the screen. Yes! finally the screen is [...]

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Next iPhone (6s)to record 4K films

iPhone 6S with a  4K Camera A document that has emerged in China describes the details about the upcoming phone from Apple. The camera is said to support recording in 4K. many things leaked out about the iPhone There have [...]
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Edward Snowden sides with Apple’s principle of privacy

Recently, at Apple’s WWDC event, the company focused on discussing about their new product which is ‘Privacy’. Craig Federighi, Senior vice president of Apple’s software engineering department discusses that the new Siri [...]

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No external keyboard for the iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro, mainly is one of the most rumored devices this week, which gives more cue points to know about the tablet. In contrast, the iPad Pro is totally going to come someday in the future, considering the versions [...]

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