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Apple accepts only iOS 7-optimized apps from February 1, 2014

Apple accepts only iOS 7-optimized apps from February 1, 2014

by Cagan EGE2013/12/18

Apple accepts only iOS 7-optimized apps Apple will no longer accept applications that are not yet optimized for iOS 7. 1 from February 2014.  New apps and app updates that developers submit for review at Apple must also be coded ​​with the latest version of Xcode 5. It can be found in the communication to developers page on the Apple Developer website. Last July it released a similar deadline: a given date for the apps submitted to Apple had to to be optimized ​​for the larger 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5.

Apple announced iOS 7 in June 2013 and then released six beta versions of iOS 7 , so developers have had little time to prepare for the renovations both  technically and mentally.

It is still unclear how strictly the rule will be applied. Many of them are already technically adapted for iOS 7. They enjoy the advantages of the new frameworks and the capabilities of 64-bit processors of the latest iOS devices. But customizing the interface of apps on the iOS 7-style is a different story.For example: Developers have to replace an iOS 6 keyboard by a 7-iOS copy or replace iOS 6 buttons with chrome and shadow effect by thin rounds. Apple refers more at the iOS Human Interface Guidelines , which explains what iOS 7 stands for: respect (it is the content, not the interface), brightness (readable and clear information) and depth (visual layers and animations) .

Currently, developers are testing the second beta version of iOS 7.1 and  the final version is expected in early 2014. Users are able to use iOS 7 since September 20. The new measures do not necessarily mean that people with original iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS can install no more apps because of the  iOS 7 minimum system requirements. But  we suspect that older iOS versions of apps may still continue to support. And “zombie apps that have not been updated for more than one year are likely to be removed from the system.

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