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Apple confirms SnappyLabs acquisition

Apple confirms SnappyLabs acquisition

by Cagan EGE2014/01/06

Apple Acquires SnappyLabs

The rumor that apple acquires SnappyLabs has been buzzing all around this weekend. Finally it is now confirmed by Apple: The company acquires SnappyLabs, the developer of SnappyCam.

The acquisition was first reported by TechCrunch, but Re/code managed to get a confirmation. However, the Apple company does not comment further on the deal: the only thing we heard from the Apple spokesman was that Apple occasionally takes on smaller technology companies, and does not discuss the purpose or plans in general.”

Apple confirms SnappyLabs acquisition

SnappyLabs: one-man company

As a matter of fact SnappyLabs is not a huge technology company: there is only one person working at the company. John Papandriopoulos developed SnappyCam in 2012 , an app that you could shoot  high quality photographs with your iPhone at high speed burst mode. However, the popular app disappeared from the App Store this weekend, usually it is seen as  the sign of an imminent takeover.

The question is: What Apple will do with the technology of this company. The  burst mode which is already possible on the iPhone 5S will continue for sure, but actually we are curious whether iPhone 5 C, iPhone 5, and iPhone 4S would be utilizing this amazing application. Lots of eople are searching for a way to upgrade their less advanced cameras of earlier versions.

We keep an eye on it!

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