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Apple is done with iPad mini, they will sell only Retina tablets now

Apple is done with iPad mini, they will sell only Retina tablets now

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/20

ipad mini will not be sold anymore Apple has made it official! They will only sell devices that have a Retina display starting from now on.

The company has just recently removed the iPad mini from its online stores discreetly. It is time to move on from the iPad mini and look forward to Retina gadgets.

9to5Mac was one of the first to notice the disappearance of the iPad mini from Apple’s online store since June 12. Although, other third-party resellers will still continue to sell their remaining iPad mini’s until they run out, so might as well buy it now if you want to catch up.

For people who don’t own a tablet yet, it might be wise to buy the older model while it is possibly available on third-party sellers near you today, since it might not be ideal to buy an expensive tablet to use for an entry-level user.

Now for tablet users that are seeking to upgrade the new model, an overview of the difference between the iPad mini 2 and 3 is the Touch ID feature, which will make a difference of $100 as compared to the first model. However, the internal components remain the same, such as the A7 computer processor, the 2048×1536 screen resolution which measures 7.9-inches in length, and a 5mp iSight camera.

Considering that a few people who are planning to buy the first iPad mini might be upset, Apple might be doing it for some reason to create new features for higher resolution iPads due to today’s demand in the tech industry.

Is Apple preparing to sell bigger iPads in the long run?

The answer is yes, facing the facts that the company is doing right now, this is what’s going to happen in few months or in a few years. Otherwise, some users will always prefer a smaller one for a much lighter and more portable device than larger ones. But due to the Touch ID feature that has been integrated in the new iPad models, the reason for bigger iPads might make sense for better Retina displays.

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