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Apple gets patent for curved touchscreens

Apple gets patent for curved touchscreens

by Cagan EGE2013/12/10

Curved-iPhone-270x151 A new patent of Apple describes how a curved  touch panel can be produced efficiently. With the curved touchscreens patent Apple seems already prepared for curved touchscreens in future iPhones and iWatch. Apple’s method  ensures that a curved touch panel can be produced with the aid of a special film layer without damage. Because no distortions occur when heating the touch screen. The screen layers have to be heated during the attachment process,

Apple describes curved touchscreens patent in several ways through which the film cover can help fabricating a solid touchscreen curved , and offer some other simple alternative methods. Apple shows an example of a flat touch panel covered with a curved screen layer,  Thus, making the screen seems bent when looked from above .

Actually until now we have seen that Apple has registered numerous patent that are not used practically with the current products, but this time Apple is well prepared to use this patent with the future product. There are some  rumors indicating  some dates on curved touchscreens in iDevices and the rivals are getting prepared to use the same technology. A curved touchscreen is easier to use in portable devices. For example the iWatch well fits for that, and it would wrap your wrist comfortably with this new curved design.

The curved touchscreens patent also points that Apple will utilize  the possibilities of curved screens at any time. The patent application was made ​​for the first time in November 2010. The U.S. patent office had the patent assessed and according to Apple Insider in 2012 has already assigned the patent permanently to Apple.

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