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Apple iPad fraud: 35,000 iPads contract canceled in Los Angeles

Apple iPad fraud: 35,000 iPads contract canceled in Los Angeles

by Cagan EGE2014/12/21

Apple iPad fraud in Los Angeles

A large-scale contract with Apple to purchase 35,000 iPads to all students in Los Angeles is now totally forfeited. Instead, they will go on with laptops.

In June last year, the school administrators in Los Angeles decided  to buy iPad to all students. 35,000 iPads were purchased as a part of the significant budget in teaching materials. In August of this year, severe  criticisms of the bidding process caused the school district to put the contract on hold, and this week the contract has been canceled. Total  amount was $ 1.3 billion to be canceled related with the acquirement of  iPads, teaching materials and enhanced broadband solutions etc.Poll: Is the iPad your primary computer?

The contract has been criticized because some believe that the responsible man, John Deasy, had a bit of good relationships with people from Apple and Pearson, and that the tender documents were leaked so it gave them advantages. Deasy refuses all the claims.

The best American style, however, gone policy in the case, and therefore the contract is now void. Instead school district decided to invest in the purchase of laptops.

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