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Apple may have changed its TV Plans

Apple may have changed its TV Plans

by Cagan EGE2015/06/11

Apple’s TV plans buried for over a year

One of the most persistent rumors in the tech industry for many years has been that Apple would dig into the television industry. The expectation was that Apple would produce its own branded TV. Many expected / hoped that it is always possible as  Apple has proved to be one of the most innovative company and there could be a surprise at anytime like the series of  iPod and iPhone.

But now it has emerged that Apple dropped all plans for a television for at least a year and acording to the Wall Street Journal it is doubtful whether they have  plans to make a television.

Expensive to produce television 

There is speculation for several reasons why Apple will not make television with Apple brand.

There are many television manufacturers, where the largest television producer only has 22 percent of the market. Therefore, Apple will need to find an actual killer feature to stand out.

The cost of producing television will be high relative to the price Apple would like to sell them. To produce television will simply be too risky in terms of revenues. Another reason is that, people also have their own television for many years, so there will be lower sales in television than for example iPhone.

Below you can see a concept for how an Apple TV, or iTV, could look like.


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