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A walk-through of Apple Music and Beats 1 Radio

A walk-through of Apple Music and Beats 1 Radio

by Raoul Celdran2015/07/01

Today’s launch of Apple Music along with the iOS 8.4 brings you the long-awaited music streaming service, also featuring the Beats 1 radio, and Apple Connect. Apple’s new app lets users and artists connect in a unique way.

To know more about the Apple Music in the iOS 8.4, about the looks, the costs, and how it all works then view the YouTube video below.

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For You

One of the most appealing feature of the app is the “For You” section within the Music app that represents on-demand music recommendations based on the users taste or preference that is previously searched and listed on by the latter. The “For You” will be enhanced, and will tailor more recommendations according to the user’s preference the more music has been listened to.

Moreover, the “New” tab which is part of the on-demand streaming service, represents different kinds of music genre sorted by songs and albums from popular artists. The section as well includes picks from Music editors.

Most of the contents in the two Music apps requires a subscription to the streaming service, a 30-day free trial, then a $9.99 per month after the trial expires, or a choice of $14.99 for a family pack. Plus, there is a third “Radio” tab featuring the new Beats 1 radio station streaming for 24/7 with other radio offerings, all of which are free of access.

Apple Connect

The Apple Connect also has a tab in the Apple Music, which offers a unique way for users and artists to do social networking. The app features include status updates, uploading of photos, videos, and many more of each artist the user follows.

My Music

The final section of the app is the “My Music”. The section will unite the music you’ve added from the app, purchases from iTunes, and your playlists will all be in this section.

Overall, these features that are available in the iOS 8.4’s music app will also be available in the new iTunes 12.2, which was just recently released today.

For more info for getting everything done and all set, check out this guide from macrumors.

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