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Apple to become Phablet Market Leader via İphone 6 Plus

Apple to become Phablet Market Leader via İphone 6 Plus

by Cagan EGE2014/12/15

Apple dominates phablet market

41% of all phones sold are iPhone 6 Plus. In England, the iPhone’s market share has increased to the highest level ever.

With just over a month behind them have iPhone 6 Plus already set itself totally on the so-called phablet segment is a term for the major mobile phones. Apple’s new phone is at no time been the most widely sold phablet. The entire 41% of all phablets says Apple, shows study from Kantar. In round figures selling iPhone 6 Plus all virtually as good as any other phablets together and the number of phablets is increasing. Last year they accounted for 2% of the sold phones. This year it is also thanks to the iPhone, has risen to 10%.

In the UK, the iPhone has risen to the highest market share ever since the launch of the two major iPhones. Sales have increased by 33% and 4 out of 10 selling mobile phones in now iPhones in the British Isles.

Most iPhone 6 will be sold to customers who are upgrading from another iPhone model. Only about 15% of sales are to new customers.


Apple phablet market leader

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