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Apple still dominates Samsung in the market

Apple still dominates Samsung in the market

by Raoul Celdran2015/07/03

Samsung is an outstanding company, it has risen to the top of the market ever since. The company passed all its rivals, but one which is Apple. No matter how great the company is, it can’t seem to break Apple’s spot in the market.

People keep discussing the profits of Apple’s vs Samsung in the smartphone market, and Apple seems to always maintain its spot and has never lost its edge over Samsung especially in this area. Michael Walkley, Cannacord Genuity analyst, cites that Apple pulls more than 90% percent of the profits per quarter, and Samsung only makes under 10% in the smartphone industry.

Apple’s advantage over Samsung does not only limit on profits. As shown on survey results released by RBC Capital Markets on Monday, Apple holds a huge lead over its rival in two different areas.

RBC took results from more than 6000 consumers, which resulted in Apple that is maintaining a huge lead over both the ‘brand loyalty’ and ‘smartphone purchase intent’ as much as consumers are concerned. The iPhone usually leads in these two areas.

83% of the survey results belong to iPhone owners that continue to patronize Apple’s smartphone when buying a new one, in terms of brand loyalty. On Samsung’s side, 64% of current Samsung users planned on buying another Samsung.

Interestingly, almost 10% of Samsung users plan to switch to an iPhone and 4% of iPhone users are planning to switch to Samsung.

Apple is also known to top Samsung in the area of customer satisfaction, in the company’s own home in South Korea. The iPhone has overpowered Samsung’s smartphone in Seoul’s market based on a research, which shows that Apple is on the No. 1 spot, while Samsung is in the No. 3 spot tying with Pantech.

Overall, Apple has an edge over Samsung in the case of customer purchase intent, which is very crucial in the market competition. RBC shows that about 43% of survey respondents are planning to buy an iPhone as their next smartphone, while only about 23% of respondents say that they are buying a Samsung smartphone as their next one.

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