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The next Apple Watch might have a FaceTime camera feature

The next Apple Watch might have a FaceTime camera feature

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/19

The Apple watch was released in just about 2 months, but as expected of Apple, the company is planning to innovate once again by putting a camera on the top bezel of the watch for video chatting, as reported by 9to5Mac.

Apple is seeking to make the watch less dependent to the iPhone by designing a wireless chip that would allow the watch to use its own Wi-Fi. This could be one of Apple’s next focused improvements for the device, however, battery life is not an issue as Apple has cited that they are contented of the battery’s performance of the watch. It is also said to be that the plans that Apple have right now might not be happening early since it is saved for a better time depending on how the development progresses.

FaceTime for the Apple Watch might not be ideal

To put a camera on the watch might have its share of pros and cons. The pros could be that FaceTime on the watch might happen only on emergency situations when your iPhone is dead. However, there is a sensible con to say in this situation, just like the battery life. It is too awkward to lose battery life for the primary purpose of a watch because of using it for video chatting.

Although, Apple’s rival Samsung also previously installed a cam in a smartwatch, but the purpose was for taking pictures only which sounds like a better idea.

In the future of the Apple watch, Apple is known to surprise consumers with new features. The release of this new features might not good. Apple might also balance the situation by maintaining the battery power since its smartwatch will obviously demand more battery life from an addition of new apps and updates.

To sum up, this new features may or may not come on the next generation of Apple watches, but is something to look forward to.

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