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Apple Watch Survey Results

Apple Watch Survey Results

by Cagan EGE2014/12/15


In round numbers, Apple finds out that one of  four attended to the survey is  interested in Apple Watch. For a quarter has not taken a position, while half are not interested.; Most positive results are from China.


UBS has asked 4,000 people in four countries (USA, Italy, China and England), how likely it is that they are buying an Apple Watch when it is launched next year. 10% answered “very likely” and 17% answered “somewhat likely”, 24% have not taken a position, while the remaining 49% consider it “somewhat unlikely” or “very unlikely” that they will buy Apple’s clock.

Most positive ones are from Chinese, where about half are interested, while the British are the most tepid. Here are just a 15% of the attendees are interested.

We have previously asked our readers about the same. Here answered 49% of the “probably” or “definitely” should have an Apple Watch. 12% had not taken a position, while 39% “probably not” or “definitely not” should. Apple Watch Survey Results

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