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Apple’s iOS 9 has a new tool that makes mobile advertisers worry

Apple’s iOS 9 has a new tool that makes mobile advertisers worry

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/13

iOS 9 will be able to block mobile ads

A new feature came to rise for the iOS 9 that iPhone users might have been waiting for a long time while making mobile advertisers feel a bit uneasy.

Apple’s iOS 9 that is swarming with new features and technology has a tool that blocks mobile web ads that would pop up through the web browser Safari. The company’s developers research documentation assesses that this tool is a ‘Content Blocker Extension’ for Safari and is also an efficient way to block cookies, images, pop-ups, and other contents that the user might not want to be entertained with.

Consumers have indicated that they only want ads and other kinds of extensions that’s to be shown to them is in line with their interest only, and not just show up in front of their screens out of their concern. This extension that iOS 9’s new operating system represents a response to all the customer’s demands ever since the observation of Apple of the consumers interest being made secure that what is to be shown to them are only the things that they care about.

Publishers who are struggling to make money via mobile ads could probably be more worried to the situation right now. Joshua Benton, who writes for the NiemanLab at Harvard, states that if making money through mobile advertising in the internet is difficult, then how much more would it be if tons of people will download an app with a single click from the Apple App Store.

Apple is a company that views the users and consumer’s privacy as a very important matter, and in these situations, such as ads as one for sure. As Apple has been speaking a lot about privacy matters earlier of this week’s conference in San Francisco.

Ultimately, in the tech industry, Apple might have a competitor in the ad-blocking section which is Adblock Plus, a company with such software that provides an ad-free feature while surfing the net. The company indicates that it is not unfazed by Apples new business.

No answer heard from Apple after all. However, the iOS 9 will be available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the fall.

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