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Huawei Mate 10 Pro – a good rival for iPhone X

Huawei claims Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro is better than iphone X. Listen to them and decide which one is better.

Mate 10 Pro offers Leica dual camera, 18:9 OLED 6.0″ screen as well as lightning-speed processor and [...]
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What makes iPhone X unique?

iPhone X is coming as the most expensive iPhone, but it also comes with a number of new features that you can not get on other iPhones.

iPhone X is planned to be the best selling iPhone to date, and it [...]
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Note-7 problems to be solved this year

Samsung hopes shortly to clarify why the batteries in the Galaxy Note 7 have tended to overheat and in some cases explode.

Not all units have the same  problems, but Samsung is working hard to find the reason for [...]

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Galaxy Note 7 owners tend to stay with Samsung

A survey shows that 70 percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners will stay loyal to Samsung phones.

There have been rumors that Samsung would drop the Note series completely after the disaster with Note 7.

The latest [...]

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