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Edward Snowden sides with Apple’s principle of privacy

Recently, at Apple’s WWDC event, the company focused on discussing about their new product which is ‘Privacy’. Craig Federighi, Senior vice president of Apple’s software engineering department discusses that the new Siri [...]

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No external keyboard for the iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro, mainly is one of the most rumored devices this week, which gives more cue points to know about the tablet. In contrast, the iPad Pro is totally going to come someday in the future, considering the versions [...]

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Why Apple fans choose ‘S’ Model iPhones?

A lot of Apple fans let the company’s major releases pass by and instead wait for the upgraded version that usually debuts a year after with an ‘S’ after the models unique number. The ‘S’ suffix has been used by Apple since [...]

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Everything to expect from the iPhone 7

The iPhone is still one of the most popular smartphone in the world, and millions of Apple fans are looking forward to what the iPhone 7 has in store for its users. Nobody will for sure what Apple is planning for their next [...]

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