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BearTek gloves with iPhone control useful for motorcyclists

BearTek gloves with iPhone control useful for motorcyclists

by Cagan EGE2013/11/13

beartek gloves

BearTek Touchscreen gloves receiving  huge demand and now they will also be sold even more because winter is coming . It is convenient because you do not have to pull out when you want to control the touchscreen of the iPhone.  Blue Fusion Technologies has developed the BearTek gloves, featuring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module that lets you control your iPhone or GoPro camera. You can take pictures, play music, calls and more. It is convenient for bikers and snowboarders looking for a pair of sturdy gloves which you do not have to pull out while enjoying your iPhone.

beartek glove for iphone

The Wi-Fi module provides  that you can switch between available camera settings, snapping a series of pictures or a video recording starts and stops. This is done by light-colored strips touching the thumb of the same hand’s fingers There are six touch points on the left glove and everything can be operated with one hand.

The BearTek gloves are made of genuine leather, reinforced with carbon fiber to protect. All electronics are around the wrist. The Wi-Fi module has 80 hours stand by time on a battery and has a range of 30 meters. There are three variants: Classic ($ 95), Snow ($ 120) and Moto ($ 145), all with built-in sync module. The modules that you will still have to be purchased separately are: $ 140 for the Bluetooth module for your iPhone or $ 140 for the camera module for GoPro cameras.

The following video shows how you can unlock a device by thumb movement between your fingers, how to take pictures and other acts to do instead of  touching your touchscreen.This is much safer and faster. The Bluetooth module is needed to control the phone and play music. Blue Fusion Technologies pulled through Kickstarter money for the production of these gloves, which are just now for sale.

More information can be found on the website BearTek .

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