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Big iPad Pro Release Date Rumors:to be released April-June 2015

Big iPad Pro Release Date Rumors:to be released April-June 2015

by Cagan EGE2014/12/20

Big iPad Pro Rumors about the release date

A Japanese magazine picks up on rumors of a big iPad Pro, which they claim that it will come between April and June next year.

The Japanese magazine “Mac Fan” mentioned about  coming iPad Pro or iPad Plus in their latest article. The device would have a screen of 12.2 inches and an Apple A9 processor. The current iPad Air 2 has a screen of 9.7 inches, and an A8X processor. The unit should also get two speakers for a better stereo image. All this info was similar to something we have heard before.

iPad pro rumors and release date

Picture from Japanese article on iPad Pro.

The most interesting thing is that they mention a launch date that is more accurate than we have previously heard. The new large iPad should thus come between April to June. It’s still a span of three months, but more accurate than  the statements like “at the beginning of the new year” or “middle of 2015”, we have heard before.

Earlier, we heard that the big iPad will be able to run OS X. It means either that an Intel processor will be installed or that Apple will release  a version of OS X that is designed to run on Apple’s A-processors.

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