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Naztech N3050 FM transmitter and car holder review

With Naztech N3050 there are plenty of options. If you need a little holder for your iPhone is Naztech N3050 quite interesting, especially because it can be much more down to keep your device safe while driving.

Naztech N3050 mounted in the [...]

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Minitest: wireless charger and case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

We tested a set of wireless charger and case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

The small kit consists of a wireless case, to put on your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. In order to introduce  power into your iPhone,  the cover frame is slightly larger [...]
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iBeacons for cars: location tracking, call functions

Apple has received a patent for an iPhone ‘controlled’ accessory that may be used for tracking cars. The system utilizes the features of “Find My iPhone” to track specific functions such as [...]

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Canon PIXMA Printer-Print from the cloud

[AdsWithin]Think  about Printing from your iPhone or iPad quickly on the Air Print technology from Apple . But there is much more easy way which is presented by  Canon PIXMA Printer. Cloud Printing allows you [...]

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