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Apple Map application against google map

Apple Map Application

Apple is seeking to improve its Map application and make it a better alternative to the Google Map. The company has two newly discovered patents and has shared their mapping plans for the future of [...]

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Two Scott Goodson apps every iPhone user has probably used

A former Apple engineer named Scott Goodson created two apps for Apple way back in the mid-2000s.

He is one of the pioneering first 10 engineers in Apple to work on its first software, the OS 1.0. Also, he built two [...]

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8 must-have apps for free today

These apps are the latest stream of free apps for a limited time.

To note, these apps might go back to their normal price anytime soon. So grab them now!

SunUp Alarm

Priced at $0.99

The [...]

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7 iPhone apps on sale or free today

A few apps have been on sale for free since the WWDC, now here are another awesome few that are on sale for free today. Nobody knows when they will come back to their normal prices, but they are on sale for a limited [...]

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