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What makes iPhone X unique?

iPhone X is coming as the most expensive iPhone, but it also comes with a number of new features that you can not get on other iPhones.

iPhone X is planned to be the best selling iPhone to date, and it [...]
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Why Apple fans choose ‘S’ Model iPhones?

A lot of Apple fans let the company’s major releases pass by and instead wait for the upgraded version that usually debuts a year after with an ‘S’ after the models unique number. The ‘S’ suffix has been used by Apple since [...]

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New iPhone Rumors


There is good news for all those who think the two iPhone 6 is too large. Apple should work to launch a new 4 “iPhone next year.


According to Asian sources, Apple is working on launching a new 4-inch [...]

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Apple to become Phablet Market Leader via İphone 6 Plus

Apple dominates phablet market

41% of all phones sold are iPhone 6 Plus. In England, the iPhone’s market share has increased to the highest level ever.

With just over a month behind them have iPhone 6 Plus already set itself [...]

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