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Why Apple fans choose ‘S’ Model iPhones?

A lot of Apple fans let the company’s major releases pass by and instead wait for the upgraded version that usually debuts a year after with an ‘S’ after the models unique number. The ‘S’ suffix has been used by Apple since [...]

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New iPhone Rumors


There is good news for all those who think the two iPhone 6 is too large. Apple should work to launch a new 4 “iPhone next year.


According to Asian sources, Apple is working on launching a new 4-inch [...]

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Apple to become Phablet Market Leader via İphone 6 Plus

Apple dominates phablet market

41% of all phones sold are iPhone 6 Plus. In England, the iPhone’s market share has increased to the highest level ever.

With just over a month behind them have iPhone 6 Plus already set itself [...]

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Foxconn Robots to assemble iPhones?

Foxconn Robots to replace humans?

The industrial robots which should increase the production of iPhones, has proved to be too inaccurate for the small complex iPhones, there continue to be assembled by humans.

Last summer, Foxconn put [...]

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