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Next iPhone (6s)to record 4K films

iPhone 6S with a  4K Camera A document that has emerged in China describes the details about the upcoming phone from Apple. The camera is said to support recording in 4K. many things leaked out about the iPhone There have [...]
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Everything to expect from the iPhone 7

The iPhone is still one of the most popular smartphone in the world, and millions of Apple fans are looking forward to what the iPhone 7 has in store for its users. Nobody will for sure what Apple is planning for their next [...]

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IPhone 7 or 7S without iconic home button?

The rumored iphone may not be out until 2016, but rumors have been flying around a lot to be discussed.  This information that has recently been spread might indicate a new change for the smartphone next year or so, [...]

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Next iPhone Rumors, iPhone 7 coming in March 2016

iPhone 7 rumors

iPhone 7 rumors has been igniting some excitement for iPhone users, however late this year would be the iPhone 6S turn first. Some interesting rumors and suggestions present how the iPhone 7 might look like when it is [...]

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