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How to change iphone name

When you first open and activate your iPhone, you need to determine for an iphone name. Don’t worry it doesnt need to be stay same in the future.  You can easily change the iphone name later whenever you want. See how you can do it [...]
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Tips for your common iphone problems

These ways will teach you how to react when these common problems occur to you.

Finding your iPhone when it’s silent Find My iPhone app – Simply login to your iCloud account from your PC or laptop, [...]
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12 ways to manage your iPhone storage

Search apps that are taking the most space

In a couple of taps, see which apps are running. To see how, head to Settings>General>Usage, and click Manage Storage. You will then see the apps that are taking the most space from your [...]

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How to create a virtual home button if broken

How to Create a virtual home button, if the physical one is broken

 If your physical home button is broken or lost functionality, you can give your iPad new life by creating a virtual home button on the screen.

Do you have an iPad [...]

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