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How to change iphone name

When you first open and activate your iPhone, you need to determine for an iphone name. Don’t worry it doesnt need to be stay same in the future.  You can easily change the iphone name later whenever you want. See how you can do it [...]
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How to create a virtual home button if broken

How to Create a virtual home button, if the physical one is broken

 If your physical home button is broken or lost functionality, you can give your iPad new life by creating a virtual home button on the screen.

Do you have an iPad [...]

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3 expert tips for Safari on iPad

iPad Safari Tips and Tricks

We will show you how to delete browsing history selectively, how to close the iCloud tabs on other devices and how to subscribe to RSS feeds.

The launch of iOS 8 has featured a number of improvements in [...]

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How to watch flash videos on ipad

Tip: See Flash video on the iPad

Most websites that offer Flash video have gradually understood that they must also allow bypassing Flash. However, there may be a need to view a Flash video in an array of devices.

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