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Curved Apple iTV Concept Rumors

Curved Apple iTV Concept Rumors

by Cagan EGE2013/11/12

apple itv 1

It will probably take some time until the Apple will introduce iTV , but that does not stop concept creator Martin Hajek in the design of the new Apple TV. In a series of images he shows how the iTV can come.  It is imagined in the black color and also in the gold color. In some pictures he shows even a television with a curved screen. So far Martin shows off  the television   in a few different concepts even a curved one.

apple iTV-2

At the moment there are relatively few rumors that causes us to believe that Apple will use this design for television – but there are just stories that point to a different designs. The concepts are based on Martin’s vision – and have the necessary common vision with Apple’s current products. The curved screen idea for apple itv seems to come from recent rumors about the iPhone .

apple itv-3

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