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Facebook Messenger 3.0 for iPhone released

Facebook Messenger 3.0 for iPhone released

by Cagan EGE2013/11/14

facebook messenger 3.0 facebook messenger 3.0 released for iphone

Facebook has released a completely new app for Facebook Messenger 3.0  tonight . The app can be used for chat messages on the iPhone and iPod touch.  The new look fits well with iOS 7.  Similar redesign of the Android app was released a few weeks ago but Facebook Messenger 3.0 brings with it more than a new design. You can now also see which friends use the app, so you can easily send a message to them. Also you can now send messages to others, even if they are not in your  Facebook friend list. You just need the mobile number of a person  in order to chat.

In the same way you can add new contacts in the app: by entering their phone number. The  description of the update also mentions that custom sounds in the app are present.

The general Facebook app still has the old look, had many problems after update and this app came as a solution for that problems.

Download: Facebook Messenger (free, iPhone, iOS 6.0 +)

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