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Family Sharing ios 8

Family Sharing ios 8

by Cagan EGE2014/12/15

Family Sharing

Family Sharing is a new brilliant feature in iOS 8, which makes sharing content like apps between family members much easier. See here how to turn family sharing.


Family Sharing is a new feature in iOS 8. Family Sharing can be up to six people share purchases from the App Store (music, movies, books and apps), photos, calendar appointments, etc. although each person has its own iTunes account. All purchases are made via the same credit card. This means that if the father buys an app on his account, mother and children free access to the same app in their account without having to pay it back. All have all their own account, but you may only have to pay for an app once in a family.Danish iPhone fraudster fined 3 million.  crowns

One of the cool things about Family Sharing is that your children can now have their own account, whereas before they typically spent their parents when to be purchased apps. Either gave one child password, but consequent risk of having drained the credit card, or you would have to enter the code every time they would purchase something.

With Family Sharing, the children can buy on their own account, but with daddy’s credit card. One does not extradite its own code. And they beat “Ask to Buy” to be the adult approve all purchases. It could, in other words, not to the child just buy loose. There would simply be a request on his father’s iPhone when the child wants to purchase an app. It can then approve or reject.

How to Turn Family sharing on

Before you begin make sure that all devices are updated to iOS 8. Family Sharing does not work on earlier versions of iOS. In addition, you obviously have a functioning iCloud account (Apple ID) with an associated debit card. Have you purchase something in the App Store or iTunes Store, it is in place.

1. Go to Settings> iCloud and press “Set Family Sharing”.

2. Press the “Introduction”.

3. Check the Account Name and email address are correct. Press “Continue” – and again.

4. Check that your payment information is correct. Press “Continue”.

5. Choose whether you want to share your location with your family.

Now Family Sharing enabled, and your account is marked as “Organizer”. It’s a little usigende description which means that it is your account that is used as the main account. This means that your payment information is used and that you have the control.

To add family members

Now you can start adding family members.

1. Press the “Add a family”.

2. Skrv their name or email address.

3. He will now get an invitation on its iOS device.

4. Once the invitation is accepted, they will be asked if they want to share their purchases and locality, and they will now appear on the Family Sharing menu.

By default, related family members are perceived as adults. This means that they do not need to ask for permission to purchase content. One can, for some reason do not change this. Nor can mark that adults should ask permission before purchase.

To create a new account for your child

1. Do you associate a child, you must instead press the “Create an Apple ID for a child” and follow the instructions.

2. When the child has been added, you can turn “ask before purchase” function. This means that when the baby will buy something, there will be a notification on your device where you can approve or reject the purchase.

How to get access to family members purchase

When the function is enabled, any family member can go into the App Store under “Purchased” and see what others in the family have bought and bring it down on his own iPhone or iPad without paying again.

There are certain things that can not be shared in this way. It is among the in-app purchase and apps that are marked with that they can not divide the App Store. It is not all apps that can be shared.

Besides content purchased in Apple stores, you get access to shared photos and a shared family calendar.


To set up an account for children, we as adults have attached a credit card for security reasons. Apple does not accept debit cards.

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