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First images of Dropbox for iOS 7 appeared

First images of Dropbox for iOS 7 appeared

by Cagan EGE2013/11/14




Dropbox has brought out tonight the details about the new business support , which will make it possible simultaneously to log in with your home and work account. It also showed the cloud service like a screenshot of the completely redesigned app for iOS 7. Dropbox makes use of the now familiar blue buttons and text on white beams that are used by iOS 7 applications . Also Facebook introduced tonight  the 3.0 version of Facebook Messenger using  this color scheme.

It is not yet known when the new Dropbox app will appear in the App Store. The app for Dropbox integration will anyway support the business accounts that are being discussed on his blog. When using the app, you have three tabs at the top: one that shows all files, one with only files from your private account and a final tab with data from your corporate Dropbox account. You will not need to jump between multiple accounts to view.


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