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Fitbit is outselling the Apple Watch

Fitbit is outselling the Apple Watch

by Raoul Celdran2015/07/01

Fitbits are selling more than Apple Watches

Fitbits are outselling the Apple Watch, according to a recent research from Slice Intelligence.

Statistics in the month of May show evidence that Fitbits are selling more than Apple Watches. According to Slice’s data released on Monday, Fitbits have sold 73,000 units more than the Apple Watch, which is 850,000 for the Fitbit and 777,000 for the Apple Watch are sold. In fact, Slice Intelligence got their data from 2.5 million people’s email receipts.

Fitbit IPO

The fitness-tracking wearable that originated in the bay area had its Initial Public Offering (IPO) last week which raised $732 million from its stocks.

Fitbit had opened around $30.40 on its first trading day at the New York Stock Exchange earlier this June. It rose up to $31.90 and finished at $29.68 at the end of the trading day which is about 48 percent from Apple’s $20-a-share of its IPO shares. Primarily, the offering was the biggest among all tech companies from the Bay area on this year.

Ever since Apple launch many of their products this year, one of the most hyped features of the Apple smartwatch is its fitness-tracking capabilities, according to a Slice Intelligence report. Slice observed the situation on the early launch of the Apple Watch, which resulted in a slow pace of sales for the wearable. However, the company later recovered from the earlier pace that boosted sales of the Fitbit. Slice indicates that Fitbit customers waited to see the Apple Watch and pricing before making a decision to purchase.

To be exact, data from Slice shows that consumers were not actually moving from the Fitbit to the Apple Watch, but only 4 percent of Fitbit buyers also bought an Apple Watch as well.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch has just recently been available in stores, unlike its early pre-order basis last April. According to Slice’s data, about 2.7 million Apple Watches were sold, and 20 percent of those bought reserve bands for their watches.

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