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Foaster dock charges two iPhones simultaneously like a toaster

Foaster dock charges two iPhones simultaneously like a toaster

by Cagan EGE2013/11/19


Foaster dock

The Foaster is a dock for your iPhone in the form of a simple, small toaster. It was inspired from a toaster so that it has two slots for 2 iphones to charged simultaneously.  And of course it’s nothing new that charging stations charge multiple iPhones simultaneously. Five years ago we wrote about similar docks for the first iPhones . The Foaster combines this principle, however with a different design.

iPhones connected to the Foaster for about half covered, gives you the time, date, the charging rate and a first pair of notifications.  The Foaster therefore appears to be particularly useful for your bedside table, if you charge the iPhone while you do not have to look at the screen. However, the authors say the Foaster especially designed for the kitchen.

Each Foaster uses two Apple-certified cables. That is why the Foaster is offered with a relatively high price on Kickstarter: Early birds need $ 79 donation to get the accessory and another $ 45 for shipping on top eligible. Are not you in the first group of backers, then you need to take another $ 10 on top of counting. The authors point out that all the cables only cost $ 40, making the price of the dock itself  $ 39. The Foaster works with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

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