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Foxconn intends to employ robots to assemble iphones : foxbots

Foxconn intends to employ robots to assemble iphones : foxbots

by Cagan EGE2014/12/10

Now iPhones are assembled by foxconn with robots

Foxconn thousands of workers will soon be complemented by robots.

Foxconn intends to incorporate robots assemble the many millions of iPhones in their factories.

Soon, Apple’s iPhones be assembled by robots.. At a shareholders’ meeting for newly enlightened director Terry Gou of Foxconn, which brings together Apple’s iPhones, says that they were putting the finishing touches to the test of a series of new assembly robots called Foxbots.

The robots will primarily be used for the production of Apple devices. Each robot costs $ 20,000-25,000 and can collect around 30,000 iPhones a year.

Despite the transition to robot assembly, Foxconn still need many employees.Recently began the recruitment of additional 100,000 workers for production of iPhone 6. Foxconn has received some criticism for working conditions in their factories in recent years. A criticism directly’ve arrived at Foxconn’s biggest customer, Apple. Now iPhones are assembled with robots

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