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Good and bad news for old iPad users

Good and bad news for old iPad users

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/12


In the WWDC last Monday, Apple promised to tweak something in iOS 9 to make older iPad versions to run more smoothly, and that’s the good news knowingly that versions before iOS 9 has been noted that when you update your iPad, it tends to run slower due to internal hardware issues not coping much with how the software runs. This could make new iPad buyers think twice as well.

Right now, old iPad users could be happy to just use iOS 9 upgrade instead of buying a new model. But not so fast, Apple also has a work around the situation as said, that information reported by 9to5Mac that the iOS 9 could make Apple developers drop support to older versions of iPads that run on old(32-bit) technology. Models that were way back before the first iPad Air and from the 2nd to the 4th generation models that you might have been owning up on your desk right now, you can still use them though, but probably if developers stop updating apps for 32-bit iPad versions, then you’re out of luck.

iPhone models before the iPhone 5S and so on that runs on 32-bit technology could also be dropped by developers.

The question is why?

It is probably because it is too much work for the developers to maintain the new iOS 9 64-bit technology apps, and simultaneously at the same time get some another desk to maintain 32-bit technology apps as well.

However, you can still use your 32-bit technology apps right now as long as the developers will allow it, they have the capability to leave 32-bit technology apps maintained and untouched the way they are, but they can always stop the apps from upgrading to a higher level because the new attention is now on the 64-bit technology. So it’s up to you now, to make the decision in upgrading to a new model, or stay as of the moment.

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