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Griffin PowerDock 5 Review

Griffin PowerDock 5 Review

by Cagan EGE2014/12/10

Griffin PowerDock 5

With Power Dock 5 there is plenty of opportunity to gather your units when they leave.

Do you have multiple iOS devices in the house and float it with chargers for all your sockets, so you can pick it with a central charging station. Those are several of the market and one of them is Griffin Power Dock 5th

Griffin makes the products of a certain quality and it is also the case with the Power Dock 5, which has a tolerable design without being flashy and a reasonable finish compared to the price. Power Dock 5 comes, however, partly as kits which counts down a bit, but, when assembled, a really nice thing to charge both iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Power Dock 5 delivers 10 watts per socket, which is more than a charger for iPod delivers and slightly less than the normal 12 watt delivered via an iPad charger. Power Dock 5 can also act as a charger for other devices, but always check the specifications of your devices before charging the Power Dock.

The small Power Dock 5 are separated by small partitions your devices can rest up, and you must use your existing cables to connect your devices to the page via the five USB ports. Since they are not maintained, but just standing on a smooth plastic surface without being attached, you should just be aware not to put the unit awry, so the devices can fall out.Mini Test: Griffin Power Dock 5

Griffin’s idea with Power Dock 5 seems to be to give an idea of ​​how to assemble its devices so they can charge the same place. It’s also smart although the problem with a lot of unsightly cables can not be solved with this gizmo. The cables still see ugly, so you must be able to tolerate the sight of cables cluttering, or find a variant with docking options, which will also be able to maintain your devices.

Power Dock 5 is relatively expensive compared to the design and functionality, and cost approximately 850 dollars on the web.

Features :
– Store and charge 5 iPads, iPhones or iPod touch at the same time
– Space-saving design for your desktop
– Cables are not included
– Input: 100-240V AC
– Output: 10 watts (5 volts DC @ 2.1 amps) for each charge place
– Space for iPad tablets in case


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