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High demand for old iPod Classic 

High demand for old iPod Classic 

by Cagan EGE2014/12/10

High demand for old iPod Classic

Old Ipad to be popular again

Apple had dropped the old iPod Classic after problems with declining sales, but now consumers love it.

Apple dropped in the fall to sell the old iPod Classic with 160GB of storage space when the time came over from the model and no longer really bother to buy it when you could instead buy an iPad or an iPhone.

But now it is reported that the aging iPod is extremely popular on the second hand market. According to British media can sell the old iPod for up to 670 pounds.

Officially became iPod Classic is not dropped because of low sales, but due to lack of components that are no longer produced. Apple told in connection with that removed the iPod Classic that it would be too costly to start production of components for the old iPod, but maybe it pays now where used units sold for more than the price of a new iPod.

The reason for the old model is so popular again is the size of the storage space on the entire 160GB. It’s still not many other devices which has capacity. Apple current and largest iPods have only 64GB.

Apple introduce a number of new and upgrade iPods tonight at its iPod event. It was to the iPod shuffle in new colors, larger and cheaper iPod touch, a lighter upgraded iPod classic and iPod nano with FM radio and video camera.

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