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Everything to expect from the iPhone 7

Everything to expect from the iPhone 7

by Raoul Celdran2015/07/04

iphone 7 rumors The iPhone is still one of the most popular smartphone in the world, and millions of Apple fans are looking forward to what the iPhone 7 has in store for its users. Nobody will for sure what Apple is planning for their next flagship not until probably this fall, but a variety of leaks and rumors from sources close to Apple have given some advance impressions to the latter.

The launch date                 

The unit is said to be released on September 25, as leaked by an internal staff who emailed employees of the British carrier, Vodafone. Also, they cited that the smartphone will be released with pre-orders a week before the said date.

The models

Rumors say that Apple will retain two devices that it will introduce in September, which means that there will be two sizes, and those will be a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch model for iPhone 7, while the new unit will be a phablet-sized and will be called the iPhone 7 plus.

The build

Apple will focus mainly on the smartphone’s specifications, but will alter its physical aspects as well. The first suggestion the company received is to use the 7000 aluminum found on the Apple Watch casing, a very durable material which is 60% more durable than the aluminum used on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple follower gave another suggestion which is to make the new model 0.15 millimeters taller and 0.2 millimeters wider than the iPhone 6. This could possibly be correlated with the aluminum that has been first suggested.

A 4-inch iPhone                                                                                                           

Rumors are continually spreading that Apple will soon release a 4-inch iPhone, which is said to be in line with the company’s late CEO Steve Jobs to release a smaller version of the iPhone.

No physical home button

Removing the physical home button was also of the interesting suggestions for the next model. The removal of the button is said to be replaced by a touch screen feature using the Touch ID technology.

Other improvements are as follows:

  • A full HD device consists of 4K resolution.
  • A competitive camera that will compare with the capabilities of a DLSR.
  • A force touch feature that will be adapted from the Apple Watch.
  • A doubled phone memory up to 2GB.
  • Increased battery life up to 50 percent.


Of all the reports suggested and rumors that Apple fans are waiting for, Apple is also reported to upgrade the iPhone’s processor as well. Although, the rumors had not shown full evidence just yet, it is completely important to know ahead of events about what may come in the series of events Apple might uncover.

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