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InstLike app steals passwords of at least 100,000 Instagram accounts

InstLike app steals passwords of at least 100,000 Instagram accounts

by Cagan EGE2013/11/13

InstLike app steals passwords of at least 100,000 Instagram accounts


You only had your username and password to enter and you could get hundreds Instagram friends and get likes.That was what the InstLike app promised.But a few months later it turned into a scam: the InstLike app for iPhone and Android was breaking the official authorization via Instagram, but asked users to directly account names and associated passwords in order to enter in the InstLike app. Thus responded to the needs of people for friends and likes by selling credits. Every day you got 20 coins, which you could get 2 new followers or 20  likes . With in-app purchases you could also buy additional extra coins.

On our website we never discussed or recommended InstLike , because of the dubious nature of the app and because we do not encourage buying friends or likes. But at least 100,000 users allowed themselves to be seduced and carried out their credentials through the app.

Internet Security company Symantec started the scam  track , after the app had been active in the App Store and Google Play for months. they had full control over the accounts of users because the creators of InstLike possessed user credentials. The free followers were thus taken from the user account of InstLike without the informing the users and they used the accounts to follow other instagram accounts and liking photos.

Symantec believes that the income of InstLike is similar to those of the game Temple Run 2. How many users have fallen into the scam trap is unclear: a conservative estimate of Symantec is that 100,000  passwords are leaked. According to the Google Play Store records  the InstLike  app was downloded between 100,000 and 500,000 times  (Google shows every app with a series of numbers, to indicate how popular an app). But for the App Store it is impossible to see that kind of information. On November 7, Apple removed InstLike from the App Store. Google took a bit earlier action, namely on 25 October. InstLike is still active and people who have already downloaded the app, can ‘t keep using. But keep in mind that your Instagram account is exploited to earn money.

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