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iOS 7.1 screenshots show custom interface

iOS 7.1 screenshots show custom interface

by Cagan EGE2014/01/09

 iOS 7.1 Screenshots


iOS 7.1 may be released in March, but there is already some knowledge about the update. In iOS 7.1 screenshots we see a slightly modified design.

The  iOS 7.1 screenshots are taken from the developers beta (version 3) and show slightly different icons for the Phone app, Messages app and FaceTime. In addition, the screen for incoming calls and the image that you see when you turn off your iPhone is underway.


Also there are interesting  additions like the option to create Radio in iTunes and the ability to convert (the so-called Parallax effect) wallpapers from stations at motion.  Furthermore, they carried out some bug fixes, as well as the new contrast settings.


iOS 7.1 also includes significant speed improvements. In addition, the ability to switch between keywords added to a dark keyboard. iPhone 5S owners can upload pictures in burst mode  to the Photo Stream. 

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