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iOS 7 jailbreak stolen, no release date known

iOS 7 jailbreak stolen, no release date known

by Cagan EGE2013/12/19

iOS-7-jailbreak releas date


Last week it was reported that the firmware in an advanced stage  iOS 7 jailbreak was stolen. But it was revealed that this rumors was not true, however the release date for the ios 7 jailbreak still remains unknown.


The collective ‘evad3rs’, which consists of a number of leading iOS hackers would have been progressed quite a long way with the jailbreak iOS 7, but according to rumors that surfaced last week on Twitter, they are robbed of their hard work. It now appears, however, this is untrue.

In conversation with website iDesignTimes  one of the team members, Cyril Cattiaux (better known as @ pod2g ) let us know that there is no question of that, and the jailbreak is not further delayed.

No date for iOS 7 jailbreak known

However, there is still no definite release date for the iOS 7 jailbreak known. It takes quite a long time now for iOS 7 to be cracked. In order to speed things up a bit, recently a website was opened where you can contribute  a reward for the hackers in order to speed up the iOS 7  jailbreak process.

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