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Apple releases iOS 8.4 with Apple Music

Apple releases iOS 8.4 with Apple Music

by Raoul Celdran2015/07/01

Apple has just released iOS 8.4 today, and it is going to be for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users.

The music streaming service, Apple Music is a built-in app in the new OS, which was long been looked forward to by music lovers, and it is another stepping stone to challenge its rivals Spotify, and Google Music.

Now, let’s discuss details further on the Apple Music and the iOS 8.4:

What is Apple Music offering

The service that many have been waiting for and impressed many Apple fans just as expected.

In fact, Apple music has some similar attributes that Google Music and Spotify has, and here are the following:

  • 30 million tracks from major records which level with its rivals.
  • A user’s right to upload 25,000 own original tracks, which will increase up to 100,000 with iOS 9. Meanwhile, its rival Google offers 50,000.
  • A manned ‘Beats One’ radio service that is a step ahead of its rivals who uses automated radio playlists from Spotify and Google.
  • BeSpoke, a custom-built playlist by people.
  • A costs of $14.99 monthly for a ‘Family Pack’ which ranges up to six people compared to a $9.99 per month for a single user from its rival options.
  • A 3-month trial compared to 1 month for Google and two months for Spotify.

All of these, but the app is not that firmly on top just yet. Apple is still looking for a structured solution to let its streaming service work offline. Most probably if Apple will make it work, their audio track will max out when it reaches at 256 kilobytes per second (kbps) as compared to Spotify’s and Google’s 320kbps. Apple uses the AAC excellent compression while Google and Spotify are using the same, the Ogg Vorbis standard, both technology’s that are far ahead the MP3.

Apple will also soon be released on Android and Windows devices, which is also something to look forward to for Android and Windows users.

iOS 8.4 enhancements

The new operating system has a lot to offer, mainly focused on bug fixes in its system, in particular, considering the OS is released with its built-in Apple music is a blast.

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