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ios 8 upgrade

ios 8 upgrade

by Cagan EGE2014/12/15

Have you upgraded to ios 8?

3 out of 5 iOS users have updated to iOS 8. Which version is there on your iPhone? Take part in the vote.

Latest figures from Apple shows that 60% of iOS users have updated to iOS 8. Last month, the figure was 55%. The share of iOS 8 users continues therefore to rise quietly. It reaches obviously never 100% as part of the units are in use, do not be updated to iOS 8th

But how does it look from iphone guides readers: Have you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 8 or run with an older version? Do you have multiple iPhones, answer for the iPhone, you typically use.

Are you not quite sure on which version you have, you can go into Settings> General> About. Here it stands under “Version”.

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