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iOS 9 made three notable upgrades for messaging apps

iOS 9 made three notable upgrades for messaging apps

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/19

Messaging apps are getting better and better with iOS 9.

The conference  last week did not mention two of the most important upgrades in the mobile operating system, but has been released in beta versions and also including tutorials for iOS developers. Both upgrades concern notifications, the other upgrade was discussed on stage, but’s its true purpose will be discussed clearly this time.

Notifications Center gets grouped in order

The usual Notifications Center, which happened to be a black hole for messages at times when notifications are continuous will now be grouped in chronological order. Unlike the previous versions of iOS that notifications are grouped by app, which makes it a bit difficult to track incoming messages which resulted in an order that frustrated iPhone users.

In the first beta release of iOS 9, the Notifications Center is amazing, ordered by decency, and messages are tangled together regardless of which app they belonged from. However, the order can be changed like the old one, which is ordered by app, if the user prefers the old experience.

With iOS 9’s new upgrade, your Apple device will have the opportunity to become a section that collects all these messaging apps, such as iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. If messages are ordered when they arrive, the user will just simply click the app to view the message, it’s up to the user afterwards which message app will the user view first according to one’s interest.

Quicker replies

Aside from the Notifications Center chronological order, the mechanism is getting even better with quicker replies. The user will be able to reply from the notification itself. However, the feature is currently available on the iMessage only, but the upgrade spares time for users.

The same feature is also coming to the Apple iWatch, which seems to have notification features as well. Users will be able to reply by tapping or by voicing words to the device.

Messages getting a decent search

Finding your conversation from the long list with a friend will no longer be a hassle with the newly upgraded search. As decent as it was mentioned, it will work just as easy as searching for a name.

Overall, Apple has been competitive so far with their upgrades. Soon enough, Android users will realize how it will certainly feel to upgrade to an Apple product from their store next door.

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