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Iphone 6 Rumors- UPDATED

Iphone 6 Rumors- UPDATED

by Cagan EGE2013/12/19

Iphone 6 News and Rumors- UPDATED

The iPhone 6 is most likely the name of the next iPhone, as the successor to the  Phone 5C  and  iPhone 5S. Before these two iPhones were revealed on September 10, 2013 , it had been still possible that the new version after iphone 4s would be named as iphone 6 but it didnt happen.

We expect to begin to see the iPhone 6 for the first time sometime in September or October 2014.

Once there is something about  iPhone 6 we will reveal it on this page of course with all the rumors  included. 

The only rumor that we have seen is that the iPhone would get 6 inches  larger screen instead of the usual 4 inches.  However, no one knows whether the Apple really going to take this step or not.

Apple puts more than half a billion in developing iPhone 6 screen

November 29, 2013 | 11:45 am


Reportedly, Apple is working on the development of the sapphire crystal which is possible screen choice for the iPhone 6. The Apple is investing $ 578 million in the company GT Advanced Technologies which is responsible for the material.

iPhone 6 screen sturdy

iPhone-6-screen The iPhone 6 screen may be equipped with sapphire crystal, which is still 2.5 times as strong and scratch resistant as the previous iPhones Gorrilla Glass. The solid glass is manufactured by GT Advanced Technologies, a company specializing in making material for solid screens of mobile devices. GT Advanced Technologies is also responsible for Willow Glass, a robust type of glass that is even more flexible.

Apple is experimenting with a larger iPhone 6 screen of 4.9 inches according to previous reports, and it is something that we can only applaud. In addition, in recent weeks there were  a lot of speculations about the release date of the iphone 6 device. We expect in the fall of 2014.

Apple experimenting with iPhone 6 with 4.9 inch screen

November 21, 2013 | 17:06 am

According to the Chinese CTech there are several sources that say that the next iPhone (6) will have a larger screen. Rumors are that Apple is experimenting with iPhone prototypes with a 4.9 inch screen. It is thus possible that the successors of both the iPhone 5S and  the iPhone 5C will have  a larger display feature. At present, the screen of the two smart phonesare  measuring 4 inches.

The Japanese magazine MacFan is sure that  the new iPhone 6 will appear in September 2014.

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