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IPhone 7 or 7S without iconic home button?

IPhone 7 or 7S without iconic home button?

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/28

The rumored iphone may not be out until 2016, but rumors have been flying around a lot to be discussed.  This information that has recently been spread might indicate a new change for the smartphone next year or so, based on the fact if Apple will follow their pattern for naming its iPhones.

IPhone 7 physical home button to virtual?

The source of this rumor came from DigiTimes. Now, as cited in the DigiTimes article, Taiwan chipmakers will integrate fingerprint sensors with single-chip that would fit into the future of the iPhone, while Apple as well wants the chip integrated with display drivers.

Systematically, as Apple has recently introduced the Touch ID feature on the iPhone 5S, the single-chipped solution integrated with the display might point out to the Home button.

Virtual home button to be launched not before 2017

Not only one source, but Apple Insider has also claimed that Apple has been working on the Virtual Home button for the iPhone. However, they cited that consumers should not expect an early release of this feature not until 2017 at least, which would mean iPhone 7S if iPhone 7 is released in 2016.

Considerably, this project is still two years away, a long time and a big room for Apple to change their minds anytime. Thoroughly, Apple’s smartphones have been known to be thin and ultra-light, and removing the physical Home button from it could make the phone even lighter, which would upgrade the smartphone and even make it better.

Apple about to face new challenges

As the source also reports, Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor is currently being used in its smartphones. However, the sensor is integrated in the physical Home button, a challenge that the company has to face in order to embed the sensor with a virtual Home button on the touch screen, which exactly means that Apple has to find a way to make it.

As a whole, the new track that Apple is going through may be a big challenge not only on the solution, but to the cost as well by including it on the iPhone.

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