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iPhone’s annoying software update problem is now fixed in iOS 9

iPhone’s annoying software update problem is now fixed in iOS 9

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/27

Every iPhone user gets notified of software updates, but it always comes with a problem.

ios9 fixes An alert message which says ‘not enough storage’ when you try to install the latest update for an operating system is pretty annoying for most iPhone users.

When this situation arises, the user is faced with a dilemma, it is either to stay with the older version of the OS or to make a difficult decision by deleting some apps or videos to make some space.

Totally, this is the procedure that users will go through just to get your iPhone up-to-date.

But now that problem has been addressed by a teen developer at Apple that has developed a workaround for the situation.


According to the Twitter photo uploaded by Butt, that is how updates for iOS 9 will run right now. Your iPhone will temporarily delete some apps, and reinstall them again after the software upgrade.

The solution to the storage problem is spectacular, you do not have to worry about your favorite and personal apps to be threatened for deletion anymore, in such a case is that you don’t have to go back to where it started. Plus, the latest update for the iPhone and the iPad has lesser demands for space right now, which only ranges around 1.3 GB of space needed compared to the 5.75 GB for the iOS 8.

Even better and convenient for users if this update would not take several hours as well. However, it is not clear that this new storage management will work when you updated from iOS 8 to iOS 9 or if it will work after you have installed iOS 9 already, since this fix is an update to iOS 9 itself. Anyway, the update is making users feel at ease by avoiding the nightmare of having to decide on letting go of some apps for a software update.

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