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Microsoft Fitness Tracker

Microsoft Fitness Tracker

by Cagan EGE2014/12/21


Microsoft goes a different route than Apple and launches a classic fitness tracker. Battery life is significantly worse in the competition.

Microsoft launches today fitness tracker with individual smart functions called Microsoft Band. It was apparently developed before Apple introduced the Apple Watch and sent the fledgling smart watch concept in an entirely different direction. Microsoft Fitness Tracker

Microsoft Band is thus a classic fitness tracker. It’s just like the many other fitness trackers on the market designed to wear day and night – when the idea, of course, is that you are monitoring her life. Battery life of 48 hours puts its limits however. Either one will lose every other night or a period at midday every other day. Competing fitness tracker has a battery life of up to one week.

Microsoft Band has built various sensors and can also display notifications from an affiliated smartphone.

Available from today for $ 199.

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