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Mozilla Firefox for iOS,iphone and ipad

Mozilla Firefox for iOS,iphone and ipad

by Cagan EGE2014/12/15

Mozilla Firefox now  on the way to iOS.

Mozilla, which is behind the popular Firefox browser, is working on a version for iOS. “We have to be where our customers are, so we need to get Firefox on iOS.” Says Firefox VP Jonathan Nightingale during an internal Firefox event.

This marks a shift from the past when Mozilla announced that they would not come with a version for iOS because Apple had too many restrictions, so that Firefox could not be the browser on iOS if it is not complying with  Mozilla rules. Apple does not allow developers to use their own web engine. They must use the webkit-based engine that comes with iOS by default.

Mozilla’s change of attitude is another example of a company who first firmly rejects iOS, but since abandoning the principles of recognition that iOS is too important a platform for Mozilla to ignore. Mozilla Firefox for iOS,iphone and ipad

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