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Naztech N3050 FM transmitter and car holder review

Naztech N3050 FM transmitter and car holder review

by Cagan EGE2014/12/10

With Naztech N3050 there are plenty of options.

If you need a little holder for your iPhone is Naztech N3050 quite interesting, especially because it can be much more down to keep your device safe while driving.

Naztech N3050 mounted in the cigar-lighter of your car and sit through some extra rubber really tight. You do not disconnect it when you are stationary, but remember to turn off your device so you do not pull power to the unit while the car is not running. It is possible to rotate your device 360 ​​’via both through the pipe to the Naztech N3050 as well as vertically and horizontally in the frame that holds your device.Mini Test: Naztech N3050 FM transmitter and car holder

Naztech N3050 is designed for more than just iPhone and fits a wide variety of smartphones. It does not matter and is a great advantage if you already have a bag put on his iPhone. It can be on.

Naztech N3050, as mentioned, other than keeping your device. It can also send the signal wireless from your iPhone to your car stereo. Simply choose an unused frequency on Naztech N3050 and then find the same FM frequency on your car radio.

Last but not least, Naztech N3050 also act as a charger and it makes it really convenient and indispensable to many small like long walks on the roads.

Naztech N3050’s design is simple and easy and it takes a few minutes to get started.

We give Naztech N3050 five out of six stars.

Naztech N3050 is courtesy of MyTrendyPhone where the device can be purchased for 269 kroner just u.



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