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Netflix update brings HD video support

Netflix update brings HD video support

by Cagan EGE2013/12/19



Netflix update brings HD video support

Netflix for iOS  received a major update last night and the recent update came with functional  support for HD videos.

Of course, It has been already pretty sharp on our iPhones (thanks to iphone and Netflix) – for example, when compared to  laptop or iPad you could wath the movies with better resoulution due to its small screen, however,  the support for HD videos is more than welcome now both for small devices and big screens.

In addition, the update provides you with a better stream which makes your  Apple TV is faster. Although it’s not the exact reason for you to prefer this app, faster  Apple TV is indeed a good reason.

Netflix update contains hardly any cosmetic changes

We are sorry to inform yellow subtitle fans but from now on it will go on with white subtitles.

Unfortunately, on the app itself, nothing has been changed for better appearance to fit  iOS 7 . But  that is somewhat understandable , since it has  on any platform the same dark appearance. There are some rumors claiming that in near future there would be major change with the user interface and the cover.

Netflix is available for download in the App Store, but you will need to have a Netflix account – which is free for the  first month. Try it out, then!


Developer: Netflix, Inc..

Age: 12 + years

Price: Free!



What is Netflix:

Netflix is an American company in North and South America which  offers  streaming videos on demand over the internet to subscribers only. It allows users  to pause and fast-forward and rewind.

Netflix is available on various devices

It can be accessed through various devices. For example, there are apps for the iPhone and iPad, but also Netflix works on PCs, game consoles and some blue-ray players. In addition, there are several subscription packs. You have a video service available on two devices to use, and four devices if you pay a little more. For consumers who want to try Netflix First, there is a trial period of one month. You may pay for subscription  by credit card, PayPal or direct debit.


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