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New Apple watch apps available

New Apple watch apps available

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/18

As recent as last week’s annual developer’s conference, Apple made some improvements to its watch software to boosts the production of the apps to be compatible with the new generation Apple smartwatch.

But as of the moment, the upgrades are still ongoing and everything else will arrive in the fall later this year. The Apple Watch however has 3,500 apps that users can try out. Among the apps shows the capabilities of the watch, such as displaying notifications and other interactive software apps that are designed for the device. While a lot of apps may not interest all iWatch users, some apps may help to guide and monitor users with their health and fitness, the weather, and even booking a hotel room nearby which may be convenient.

Among the apps is the Carrot Fit, a seven-minute workout app that instructs the user to jump, crunch, and do other exercises as well which are represented with cartoon graphic animations.

Instead of having to watch your smartphone screen and exercise a number of sets, the watch which is on your wrist may be more convenient to do a little exercise to help you get on with the day. The app costs around $3, and it’s not so bad, plus it is more motivating than its rivals.

A weather app that notifies users may fit perfectly as well. Knowing that the watch will buzz on your wrist and will let you know faster than it might on your smartphone. The app costs around $4 and is only available in the United States, Britain, and Ireland.

The next is the Clear app, a popular to-do list app which makes planning a bit more exciting. The app costs around 5$, you can easily view your tasks and by simply tapping on it to mark your to-do lists, alerts are also available when you enable them which will buzz your wrist when the time comes.

Lastly, the Hotel Tonight app is way convenient to people who are unsure where to stay for the night during a travel. The best feature of the app is to show the user the closest hotel from your location and provides information regarding vacant rooms for the night. The app is very convenient, and it is way more even better because it is free. Just by simply booking from your wrist, and you’re good for the night.

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