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Executive of Apple, Phil Schiller discusses why the new MacBook has only one port

Executive of Apple, Phil Schiller discusses why the new MacBook has only one port

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/19

Since Apple launched its new MacBook in April, many consumers reacted, as well as a lot of criticisms were brought to Apple regarding on the port that is only one on the new laptop, called USB-C.

People are wondering, like where they will charge their iPhone and their laptop at the same time. Left with a choice to buy an external adapter to hook a lot of them at the same time. People are still thinking that the older MacBook is more convenient since it has USB ports at both sides.

In an unusual live interview, Apple executive Phil Schiller — product marketing lead of Apple — explains the purpose behind the port. Schiller spoke to John Gruber at a taping of Gruber’s talk show, following at the end of Apple’s WWDC last week in San Francisco.

Schiller said that Apple’s design was on purpose. In the modern world, the new MacBook should even have zero USB ports.

As indicated by Schiller, Apple will keep pushing forward, taking risks and let people decide if they want the result or not. The executive’s vision is to make an Apple product that someday will have all wireless connections with no ports at all. One more thing cited by Schiller is that, the company is willing to push beyond the limits, and take the risks that other companies might not be willing to do, and make the difference that Apple can do. He also emphasizes that the new MacBook might not be perfect for some people just yet, but for some people otherwise, it is already their future laptop.

Overall, Apple has been an example of making things more elegant with minimal and simple designs, and in these times, everything is just starting to get even simpler. ‘Less is more’.

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