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Next iPhone Rumors, iPhone 7 coming in March 2016

Next iPhone Rumors, iPhone 7 coming in March 2016

by Raoul Celdran2015/06/19

iPhone 7 rumors

iPhone 7 rumors has been igniting some excitement for iPhone users, however late this year would be the iPhone 6S turn first. Some interesting rumors and suggestions present how the iPhone 7 might look like when it is released.

iPhone 7 to be released in March 2016?

Reports from Geek Snack claim that the release date for the iPhone 7 will be on March 2016, but the site might not be giving off legit information, however, the prediction is only based on rumors.

To be exact, Geek Snack mentions their sources from within their company. First of all, in evaluating the string of events that Apple will be releasing smartphones, it is to be expected that iPhone 7 will be released next year since iPhone 6S will be released late this year. The exact date which is March will just add up to the pile of rumors that has been coming in the industry today.

Other similar articles stated that the iPhone 6 will arrive in October with 3 different sizes to choose from, though it sounds a little bit odd that Apple would do that. The least that Apple had was to release an iPhone with two variations at most. So by basing on facts so far, 3 different sizes and variations may be another add up to the pile of rumors.

iPhone 7 and 6S camera rumors

Geek Snack claims that camera for the next 2 iPhones will be as good as 16 megapixels. Also, the size will be 5.3 inches in size plus a high-resolution Retina display.

The rumors get more intriguing as KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported his side of the story, that Apple might change some of its design styles to the next iPhones whatever the next ones will be called, and it might be the color to have a rose gold color choice. Nobody knows just yet if these rumors are true, but Kuo has a solid reputation of reporting rumors and might serve as a strong indicator of real events to come.

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